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Our Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Services For Smooth & Safe Operation

Your garage door is one of the most frequently used entrances to your home. Trust our experienced Weatherford garage door repair team to get your door operating safely and smoothly again. We offer complete repair services for all major brands.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Torsion and extension springs are precisely calibrated for your door's weight and size. When springs break or lose tension, our Weatherford garage door repair team will replace them with the ideal springs to restore safe operation.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Cables worn through 50% or more can snap and cause serious injury. Our Weatherford garage door repair team will thoroughly inspect cables and replace any that are frayed, kinked or worn. New cables are re-threaded properly to re-engage the spring system.

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Dented or rotted door panels make your garage door unsightly and vulnerable to break-ins. Our Weatherford garage door repair team replaces individual damaged sections or the entire panel set, matching your existing door's size, materials, color, and design.

Garage Door Roller & Track Repairs

Misaligned horizontal tracks or worn-out vertical rollers will cause your door to stick and jam. Our garage door repair Weatherford service includes realigning track sections and replacing dislodged or cracked rollers to restore smooth operation.

Garage Door Sensor Adjustment

Photo sensors must align precisely in order to signal your opener to stop closing when objects are underneath. Our garage door repair Weatherford service adjusts sensors so they're properly aligned to respond accurately.

Our Proactive Maintenance:

Continued Safety & Performance of Your Weatherford Garage Doors

Don’t wait for problems to occur! Schedule regular maintenance with us to keep your door in peak operating condition. Our preventative services include:

Periodic Inspections of Your Garage Door

Upkeep checks every 6 months identify minor repairs needed to prevent bigger problems. Our Weatherford garage door repair team will inspect all components and make recommendations.

Garage Door Lubrication

Moving parts like rollers and hinges need regular lubrication to keep your door operating smoothly. Our Weatherford garage door repair team will lubricate all necessary points with silicone spray.

Garage Door Balance Testing

Unbalanced doors require more force to open. Our Weatherford garage door repair team will ensure equal weight distribution by adjusting spring tension and hardware.

We Can Repair Your Door, Whatever It's Made Of


Wood Garage Door Repair

Our garage door repair Weatherford service includes the repair of rotted, cracked, or warped wood panels and frames using quality wood and proper construction methods to restore the door's structural integrity.

Steel Garage Door Repair

With our garage door repair Weatherford service, dents and rust spots in steel panels are repaired. We repair them by grinding, filling, priming, and repainting to improve durability, restore appearance, and prevent further rust damage.

Aluminum Door Repair

Our garage door repair Weatherford service straightens bent aluminum door components. We repair cracks using strong filler and rivets to realign tracks and reinforce weak points.

Vinyl Garage Door Repair

With our garage door repair Weatherford service, cracked or peeled vinyl panels are replaced with new UV-resistant panels that maintain the door's weather resistance and appearance over time.

We Fix Weatherford Garage Doors - Any Style, Any Size

Traditional Garage Door Repair

With years of experience, our Weatherford garage door repair team can expertly diagnose and fix issues with traditional raised panel garage doors to restore proper operation. These timeless doors feature decorative rectangular panels that can suffer damage over time. Our technicians have the skills to repair rollers, cables, springs, and more.

Carriage House Garage Door Repair

Carriage house-style garage doors are a specialty of the Weatherford garage door repair service. We understand these doors aim to mimic the look of swing-open barn doors with crossbuck hardware. Our repair team can fix broken springs, cables, pulleys, and more to get your carriage doors working again.

Contemporary Garage Door Repair

Modern, contemporary garage doors feature clean lines and large glass panels that can be prone to damage. The garage door repair Weatherford team has experience working with these unique doors to fix broken glass, panels, and hardware issues that affect opening and closing. We'll have your contemporary door operating smoothly again quickly.

Roll-Up Garage Door Repair

From replacing broken springs to repairing bent tracks, the Weatherford garage door repair team is an expert at servicing traditional roll-up garage doors. These doors roll vertically along tracks and require proper balance and calibration. Trust our experienced technicians to diagnose and complete necessary repairs.

Slide to Side Garage Door Repair

Slide-to-side garage doors operate on tracks along the walls to open by sliding horizontally. Issues like jammed rollers and gears require specialized service that the Weatherford garage door repair service can provide. We'll expertly pinpoint and fix any problems your slide door is having.

Side-Hinged Garage Door Repair

With moving parts like hinges prone to wear, side-hinged swinging garage doors often need repairs. Our Weatherford garage door repair team will inspect and replace any damaged or worn-out hinges, springs, and hardware to restore smooth operation. We have the experience to fix any side-hinged garage door.

About Weatherford Garage Doors and Gutters

Your Local Garage Door Experts

For over decades, Weatherford Garage Doors and Gutters has been Weatherford’s go-to provider for garage door repairs and installation. We take pride in our reputation for quality craftsmanship, transparent pricing, and excellent customer service. Our ASE-certified technicians have the training and experience to quickly diagnose any issue and make expert repairs on both residential and commercial doors. We use top-rated parts and materials to ensure your door operates properly for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Team For Weatherford Garage Door Repair?

Fully Licensed & Insured

We are a licensed, bonded, and insured company that meets all state and local requirements to safely perform garage door repairs in TX.

Fast Response Times

Our technicians are on-call 24/7 to provide emergency garage door repair services when you need them most. We strive to respond within 2 hours or less.

Quality & Warranties

We use the highest-quality parts and materials and back our work with warranties of up to 5 years. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Serving Weatherford and Parker County With Premium Garage Door Services

In addition to Weatherford, we proudly provide garage door repair services to surrounding cities, including Aledo, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park, Brock, Millsap, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our fast response times and exceptional workmanship. We service all major brands and can handle any type of repair your garage door needs.

Affordable Pricing You Can Trust in Weatherford

We make the cost of repairs clear upfront so you can make informed decisions.

Garage Door Free Estimates

We provide complimentary estimates so you know the full cost before any work begins. Our technicians will inspect your door, explain what is needed, and provide a detailed quote.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward and honest. We use industry-standard rates and don't inflate costs. Any parts and labor needed for repairs are clearly outlined in your estimate, so there are no surprises.

Financing Available

We offer financing options to help you budget for more extensive repairs. Payment plans allow you to get your door fixed now and spread costs over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weatherford Garage Door Repair

A noisy garage door is usually the result of metal-on-metal friction from rollers, tracks, springs, pulleys, and hinges that need lubrication. Our technicians use top-quality lubricants on all moving parts to silence squeaks, creaks, and grinding noises. We also adjust components that are rubbing together unnecessarily. Replacing damaged rollers and pulleys will further reduce unwanted noise.

Common causes of a stuck garage door include worn-out springs that can’t lift the weight properly, roller or track issues that create friction and jamming, broken cables, bent panels, and misaligned sensors. Our expert technicians will diagnose the specific cause and make precisely aligned repairs to get your door opening and closing smoothly again.

We recommend servicing your garage door every 6 months. Regular maintenance helps detect minor issues before they become major repairs. Our technicians will lubricate moving parts, check balance and alignment, inspect cables and springs, and ensure everything is in good working order. Preventative service reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and extends the lifecycle of your door.

It is very dangerous to try using your door if a cable is broken. The door could crash down and cause serious injury. Avoid using the opener, and do not try to disengage the door manually. Call us immediately for emergency cable repair. Our certified specialists have the training to safely re-thread new cables to get your door working again. We stock all cable sizes to complete repairs promptly.

Client Testimonials

Hear From Satisfied Weatherford Residents

The technicians came out to my home to fix my jammed garage door. They were very professional and friendly. After diagnosing the issue, they expertly replaced the broken spring and adjusted the door panels. My door now opens and closes smoothly again. I'm very satisfied with their repair work!
Alaric Montvale, Oakridge Drive Weatherford TX
The team came and did an excellent job replacing the dislodged rollers on our heavy wood garage door. They explained everything clearly, worked efficiently, and made sure all the new rollers were aligned properly before leaving. Our door glides quietly now, just like new. I'll definitely call them again for future garage door repairs.
Sera Larkspur, Quail Run Road Weatherford TX
Our commercial roll-up door had become very noisy, and some of the slats were bent. This company responded quickly and got our door operating quietly again in no time. They were upfront about the pricing and very professional. I recommend them to other local business owners for garage door work.
Thorne Halverson, South Main Street Weatherford TX
We relied on the team to come to adjust the misaligned sensors on our parking garage doors, which were frequently malfunctioning. Their technician was knowledgeable and fixed the sensors precisely. The doors now open and close reliably using the sensors. They exceeded my expectations with their stellar service and expertise.
Elowen Draycott, Fort Worth Highway Weatherford TX

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